What is the AV Cage?

Summary: Over the course of a year, I tested various configurations and gear to turn a garment rack into a flexible recording space.

I called my final product the AV Cage (Audio-Visual recording Cage).

The AV Cage can be used for recording audio, recording video, and taking photos – making it useful for amateur Podcasters, YouTubers, Voice Artists, Singers, Musicians, & Photographers.

Photos below.

What is the purpose of this website?

On this website I will share my procedures, lessons learned, gear, and accessories I discovered during my journey.

I also will be sharing new cage accessories I discover, ideas to improve the cage, and AV cages created by others.

You can be alerted to any new info I post here by going to the sidebar or footer area and entering your email into the “Follow this blog” widget.

What links can be explored?

How do you contact me with questions or to share a cage you created?

You can contact me via avcagecontact@gmail.com or use my Contact Form.

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