Accessories are anything that can be added to an AV Cage, usually it adds functionality and it is removable.

One of the most important accessories for me is the selfie stick.  It was a true ‘Eureka’ moment when I thought of using a selfie stick instead of a boom arm.  I just love the way it takes up minimal space in the cage but allows for attached items to move up/down, left/right, and back/forth to any location.  See the video for the demo.

If you have GoPro camera accessories then you may already have one of these selfie sticks.  This type of selfie stick is usually bundled with GoPro camera accessories so if you have trouble finding one for sale individually then hunt for GoPro accessories bundles.  I put a link to one of these bundles below.

Shown in video (or better alternative)

  • Selfie Stick
    • Must have a threaded hole in bottom to work with cage.
  • Clamp
    • Attach to top of cage, then screw in selfie stick.
    • I’ve tried other clamps but like this one best.
  • Boom arm
    • Attaches by flat screw clamp.
    • Attaches to either end of black bars, but not to middle area of black bars.
    • Usually for holding microphones but can also hold anything with a thread/screw hole.
  • Headphone holder
    • Attaches by curved screw clamp.
    • Don’t over-tighten or may dent poles.
  • Drink holder
    • Attaches by wire curl.
    • Fit my AV Cage (1/2 tubing) but may not fit other cage poles.
    • If using cage with wider poles then there is another version for “1 tubing.”
  • Paper holder
    • Attaches by spring clamp.
    • Handy if you read from paper notes.
  • Phone or Handheld Recorder holder
    • Has 2 thread/screw holes.
    • Mount on selfie stick or boom arm.
    • You can separate the two pieces and attach via either thread/screw hole.
    • I have this one and it is better than the one in the video because it closes via a screw rather than springs.
  • Tablet holder
    • Has thread/screw hole.
    • Mount on selfie stick or boom arm.
    • I have this one and it is better than the one in the video because it fits tablets in cases.

Other options

  • Go Pro Accessory Bundle
    • Many bundles like this have an appropriate selfie stick.
    • Make sure the photos show that the selfie stick has a threaded hole in the bottom.
    • The bonus is that some of the other accessories can also be used with the cage.

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