Cage Manufacturing

Would you like to see someone manufacture a real AV Cage?

I would. Not an expensive, professional recording booth, those already exist.  But a low-cost modifiable cage for amateurs – similar to my AV Cage.

One of my hopes of this AV Cage project is that it inspires a company or entrepreneur to create a better one than my silly prototype.

Repurposing a garment rack, or any other object, into a recording space has its downsides for safety, durability, flexibility, and feasibility.

How could a purposely manufactured AV Cage be better than a re-purposed garment rack?

Here are some ways to make a better AV Cage:

  • Differently shaped black horizontal bars that allow screw clamps to be attached at any point
  • Better positioned black horizontal bars for ideal shelf heights
  • Sturdier vertical poles that don’t dent when attaching screw clamps
  • A top area that allows for easier front-back sliding of clamps
  • Accessory options like shelves, hooks, selfie sticks, clamps, and shock absorbing footers
  • and many more changes to improve it for AV recording use

Are you interested in manufacturing a better AV Cage?

Let me know, I would be happy provide input, test prototypes, and share news about it on this site.

You can contact me via or use my Contact Form.

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