There are three main bulb types to consider for your cage:

  • Incandescent
    • Do not use: high watt use and high chance of electrical interference in recording
  • CFL (Compact Flourescent Light)
    • Try not to use: medium watt use and small chance of electrical interference in recording
  • LED (Light Emitting Diode)
    • Best choice: low watt use and minimal chance of electrical interference in recording
    • LED bulb descriptions usually give explanation of their brightness, color, and lumens.
    • LED string lights usually do not give good explanations and will vary greatly.  Here is helpful info for string lights:
      • Dim: 3528 LED = 6-8 lumens
      • Bright: 5050 LED = 16-22 lumens
      • Very Bright: 5630 LED = 45-50 lumens

You can test the interference of bulbs in your recording by bringing them close to your microphone while you are monitoring – you may hear a small buzz as the bulbs get closer.

There are two types of lights to consider:

  • General purpose lighting
    • These are just for lighting up your cage so you can see what you are doing.  Almost anything will work.
  • Video/Photo lighting
    • Good lighting for video recording and photography involves a lot more consideration.  You need to consider angles, glare, color temperature, brightness, and Color Rendering Index (CRI).  I won’t cover all that here but do go read up on it to set up optimal lighting for video/photo use.

Shown in video

  • Utility Clamp Light (add LED bulb)
    • Good for a low cost lighting option.
  • LED string light
    • This specific one is a great value for brightness (5630 LED) and flexibility of use.
  • LED Ring light
    • Terrific for portrait lighting, and as I show in the video can be used for top-down lighting.
    • This make/model is not low cost but it is a great choice because of the mounting options, brightness, dimmer options, and can also run on batteries.

Other options

  • LED Panel light
    • I have not bought one of these yet but plan to – these are typically used for video/photo lighting.
    • Has thread hole in bottom for selfie stick and boom arm mounting.
    • Good brightness, dimmer control, and can run on battery power (same battery type used for ring light).

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