My Recording Gear


Below are links, tips, and information about my favorite recording gear.


  • Sennheiser MKH416-P48U3 Shotgun Microphone (XLR – condenser – supercardioid)
    • Expensive but worth it for balance of quality, low self noise, and off-axis rejection of external noise.
    • Records better quality audio than my other condenser microphones.
    • Beats most other similar microphones in shootout reviews I watched/read.
  • Sennheiser E835 Microphone (XLR – dynamic – cardioid)
    • I’ve tested this against many other dynamic mics and it sounds better than all of them to me.


  • Tascam DR-100MKIII Portable Recorder (handheld – 2 XLR inputs)
    • Tascam’s best quality handheld recorder.
    • Very clean preamps and easy to use.
    • Great power options: rechargeable internal battery, 2 AA batteries, or external power (can be powered by USB power pack)
    • Works with very useful remote control (wired)


USB Interface Devices

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