Seats & Tables


Seats: Almost anything can work as seating with the AV Cage.  Some things that are important to me are comfort, small footprint, and no noise.

Tables & Stands: The key aspect of the table is that it must be less than 28″ (71 cm) wide or it won’t fit inside the cage.  It also should not touch the cage or else the table vibrations will be transmitted to the microphone on the cage.

Shown in video

  • Adjustable bench seat
    • 3 height options, padded seat, and low price.
    • My favorite thing though is that it is quiet, so no noise gets into my recordings.
  • Adjustable music stand
    • Lay flat for table or tilt up for music stand
    • Adjustable height for sitting or standing
    • Legs fold up for easy storage and transport
  • Adjustable table
    • Not as good as the music stand but still useful
    • 3 adjustable heights and legs fold up for easy storage and transport
    • Not good for leg room

Other options

  • coming soon

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